So what exactly is Divine and Sugar?

The idea for Divine and Sugar Accessories and Jewelry Company formed one afternoon whilst having a conversation with colleague at Pratt Institute. I was wearing a thrift store tribal woven belt worn as a necklace and had been stopped on the street several times regarding my style. Used to always receiving glances at my choice of accessory and how I wore it, so I thought that I could create a line that would be unlike anything else that was readily available. As a young girl, she would design little handbags, night gowns and shirts with my mom. Her mom was always her inspiration, as she would toil tirelessly sewing outfits for both myself and my younger brother, Andre. Her mother would proudly pick bold and bright fabrics filled with dappled with creative patterns and create wonderful clothing for the siblings. My parents, introduced their children to a fantastic world of different cultures and flavors that were later translated into her outlook on the way of dress and the way she wore her hair.

Through out her whole life, I've always had an eclectic view and avante garde sense of style. With an affinity for color, flair and mixed media, I use my love of different styles, genres, and techniques to create the wearable pieces of art. Having always been told that I would enter the fashion world, I finally decided to listen to the divine inspiration and began creating jewelry and accessories that I loved but now, for others to cherish.

I am COMPLETELY self-taught!!!! Everything is done by hand and with a bit of magic and a whole lot of prayer!

I like to imagine that I create pieces that reflect the different sides of feminine power. I believe that there is a little bohemian goddess, a dash of the trendy chic, a sprinkle of the edgy street savvy, a few pinches of the eclectic and divine, all sweetened with the classical beauty inside of every woman.

Divine and Sugar Accessories and Jewelry Company is created to speak to every woman. On my

site you can find anything from something special for your mom, a power piece that completes your business suit to that to the perfect accessory to pump up the volume on your little black dress. It’s your one stop designer shop for items that goes against the mainstream and instead forges its own path. The true free spirited gypsy/Wonder Woman in us all.

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